Prevalence of poor metabolizers is 20.56% in North Indian population residing in the National Capital Territory.

(Healthy volunteers (n=170) from the metropolitan area encompassing the entire national capital territory (Delhi) and urban areas of neighboring states of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan). Significant difference was observed between the mean ratio of metabolite/drug of rapid metabolizers (Mean = 0.59) and poor metabolizers (Mean = 0.26) with P<0.0001 using student t-test (Varshney, 2012). Probe drug: bupropion.


CYP2B6 substrates:





Source: Flockhart DA. Drug Interactions: Cytochrome P450 Drug Interaction Table. Indiana University School of Medicine (2007). "" Accessed 18-1-2015. *(Obach, 2005).


Summary CYP2B6

Percentage poor metabolisers in different regions

Source: Varshney et al. 2012

Country % Author
Papua New Guinea 63  Malhotra 2006
Ghanians 59.7  Klein 2005
African American 54.6  Klein 2005
West Africa 54  Malhotra2006

India, South Indian population

40  Ramachandran  2009
Spain 40  Novoa 2005
Caucasians 38.9  Blievernicht 2007
Mongolian 35.5  Davalkham 2009
Han Chinese 32.9  Guan 2006
Japanese 32.6  Gatanaga 2007
Koreans 23.9  Klein et al. 2005
India, North Indian population 20.6  Varshney 2012